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Social Media Marketing, The Essentials Guide


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With the advancements in technology and changing marketing strategies, social media has also become a marketing strategy. Marketers tend to create brand awareness in any possible manner. People are now more active on social media than in actual life. Marketers have used this as their benefit and have started social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that uses social media platforms to gain market. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, And Snapchat are very popular among people belonging to any age group, race, nationality, or ethnicity. It is a powerful tool to attract new customers and retain the existing.

Social media marketing involves the sharing of content of the product or service like the specifications, prices, deals, on social media. These websites have also introduced a variety of methods to communicate your business with the targeted audience. Online orders, advertisements have gained popularity on the internet.


With the changing trends in clothing, makeup, etc. social media marketing trends are also changing. It is important for a marketer to be updated with the latest trends and technology. 2018 was a busy rollercoaster ride for the majority of the people specifically marketers as the strategies had to be changed very quickly. This time of the year is perfect for considering any amendments to your marketing tactics. According to different surveys, digital marketers have to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Interaction with the customers
  2. Influencer marketing
  3. Enable sales on social media
  4. Customer service
  5. Best platforms to be chosen
  6. Live streaming and videos
  7. Advertisements



Engaging with the customers will be more effective than ever. Marketers have to focus on producing content that is appealing, compelling, and innovative. Content should make the targeted audience like, comment, share, and tag. This will help your market to grow at a better pace.


It is becoming more and more established with time. Influencers are earning a lot of money through paid sponsorships and are becoming expensive for small and medium-sized brands. Such influencers usually have good PR and contacts with celebrities; therefore, it is tough for new brands to hire them for campaigns and reviews.

This is the point where micro influencers step in. Instagrammers have started their pages where they receive free samples. They try those samples and give a review on their page about how was their experience with a certain brand. These influencers are not in reach of celebrities but have a good number of followers, which is really helpful for the marketer to attract customers. For example, a makeup brand would contact an influencer having 20k followers and send them samples for reviewing on their profile.

Sometimes brands even introduce attractive packages for the customers like they could give them a discount if they refer a selected influencer. These techniques are also very important in developing a brand identity.

Micro influencers have comparatively low rates, so it is easier for a marketer to advertise the brand and saving money.


Marketers should promote their sales on social media. Instagram and Facebook are very effective in selling products or services. Pages are made primarily for placing orders online. This has also reduced the hassle among the customers of installing an application or going to an outlet for buying a product.


Marketers need to improve their customer services. If it is exchanging a product because of bad quality or accepting your failure in providing the desired product. Customers seek ways to trust online service providers. Live chats, calls; messaging must be enhanced and made an easier reach for a customer. Automated messages must be introduced to common questions for customers.


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are the most common social media platforms among people. A marketer should choose a platform where the targeted audience can be reached easily. You should not feel a risk in narrowing your channels on social media. There is a chance that you might lose focus because of more distractions.


Stories, live chats, vlogging are again most effective in connecting with the targeted audience. Videos are easier of communicating your message because they are easy to shoot and easy to post. Instagram has gained popularity in allowing short as well as long videos. People often post short videos on their page and with the introduction of IGTV; they post long videos as well. Influencers frequently do live streaming of the product or service.


Advertisements on social media specifically Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have proved to be beneficial for businesses. Short ads like those on TV channels create hype among the targeted audiences. Marketers must focus on advertising the product or service on social media as well.

The only way to stand out and compete in the market is to:

  • Know your brand and industry.
  • Know the targeted audience.
  • Set your goals first.
  • Be updated on the ongoing trends.
  • Gain the customer’s trust with honesty.
  • Keep a handsome budget and time for new strategies.

Just like 2018, 2019 will also be a big year for social media. This year will mainly focus on building valuable and profitable customer relationships and not just sales. With the changing environment and technological advancement and marketer must focus on the customer’s demands and reach.

You should choose a platform that best serves your purpose and attracts the targeted audience. Generate good quality and penetrating content. Avoid similarity in your content with a competing brand. In the current era, social media is the most powerful tool for conquering the market.

Be transparent to your customers even if you have to accept your faults. If you already have chosen social media platforms for marketing, review your digital marketing strategies.


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