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How Do You Know If You Have A Great Business Logo?


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  • A practical checklist to analyze if your logo is up to mark or not

The major reason behind the growth of businesses is their logo. A logo is a representation of the product or service offered by a business. We always seek ways to have the best first impression when we meet people. The same scenario is in business. From a small business to a renowned brand, everybody needs an appealing logo to convey the firm’s message successfully to the customers.

A first impression is really important to build customer loyalty. An attractive logo sets the brand image in customer’s mind, which is the first step in attaining customer equity. Only 48% of the customers become loyal to a brand after their first purchase and the reason behind this low ratio is not having an effective logo.

A logo might create either a positive or negative image of the brand. Selecting the right combinations for logo designing is important. It serves as a major tool in imparting the company’s vision to the targeted audience.

World’s most renowned brands have an eye-catching logo, which is set in the customer’s mind. Every time people think of eating a burger, the logo of McDonald’s pops into their head. Similarly, if a person is willing to buy a smartphone, the bitten apple comes to the mind.


If a company wants the logo to be attractive to a targeted audience, it should follow these simple ideas:

  1. Consistency with the brand
  2. Simple
  3. Impressive
  4. According to the market niche
  5. Unique or distinctive
  6. Communicate your business



The logo designed should be consistent with the brand name. Sometimes a brand does not meet the growth or maturity stage because the logo designed could not represent the brand name effectively. If a grocery item has a logo designed like that of a hair care product, it can never gain the attention of customers. A business logo helps you stand out in the market and build a strong identity if the brand name can rely on it.


Designing an effective logo does not mean that you have to make it sparkly or have a very aggressive picture to display your brand name. A simple yet elegant logo can be as attractive as you think a sparkly, vibrant logo would be.

The world’s biggest brands have the most decent logos designed for their brand, and they have succeeded in building their brand to be the default when it comes to s certain product or service. Clothing brands like Ralph Lauren or Sapphire do not have a vibrant combination of colors in their logos. Choose a logo that is very decent and clearly depicts your brand image.


When designing a logo, a marketer should know how to impress the target market. People nowadays prefer a decent and impressive logo. An impressive logo does not mean to design a logo with funky pictures or colors every time. Your logo reflects your brand image so it should communicate the company’s message impressively.

Every brand has a different logo requirement. Your logo must be attractive enough so that it sets into the consumer’s mind. An impressive logo is the one, which is a customer’s priority as well as preference.


The logo you design must be according to the understanding of the targeted audience. Many brands fail to communicate their message to the customers because the audience misunderstood the idea of the logo. For example, in the ’90s Unilever Hindustan introduced soap for washing clothes. The logo could not communicate the brand’s message, and the targeted audience started using the soap as dishwashing bar.

Your logo should be simple, impressive, and must penetrate the customer’s mind efficiently.


A brand stands out in this competitive market because of an appealing logo. Any resemblance of logo either by color combination or design or image, a logo might fail to connect with the customers. Design a logo that helps you penetrate the targeted audience easily.

A unique logo helps you achieve your purpose of introducing the brand. Again, a unique logo does not give you a point to have it funky and vibrant. A logo can be innovative yet simple and impressive.


A logo must be able to portray your business. Your logo might fail if it is not able to achieve the brand’s targets. A clothing brand should have a logo that clearly depicts the image of a brand that is related to clothes. A food brand can never communicate its business or purpose if it has a smartphone or t-shirt in the logo.

A logo is as important as the name of a brand. It is a summarized or smaller version of the business/brand. It incorporates the concept of the business with colors and images. With the growing competitive market, the logo serves as an important tool for promoting a brand. Building an effective logo for your brand is very important, as it will create the brand’s image in the targeted audience.

If a brand name cannot rely on the logo, it might be impossible for a brand to compete in the market. A company should hire a professional graphics designer for logo designing. Only a professional can understand the company’s requirements and design a logo that would help the brand stand out in the market.


A simple but eye-catching logo is necessary for a business, and a marketer should keep in mind the fact that the logo will be communicating the idea of the brand. It will be on business cards, advertisements, and on social media, therefore, it should have the power of retaining the customers as well as building a new market.

It takes a lot of hard work and innovative thoughts to design a logo that is appealing and of high resolution; a logo that can make the brand successful.

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